The Survey of English Tradition (SET)

How YOU Can Get Involved

The Survey of English Tradition relies on volunteers to help in the collection and contribution of material. It operates largely through a local and national network of representatives and correspondents who help us to gather information which provides a fuller record of language, tradition, and lifestyles in these times of rapid change. The twenty first century provides unique opportunities to document continuity and change in our English way of life. The turn of the century marked a major watershed in the decline of older traditions, signalling a move away from some ancestral aspects of culture towards new developments in language and tradition as our society becomes more multicultural. Nowadays our individual knowledge relies much more on the printed word and on developments in information technology than on the collective memory of our elders, traditionally passed on by word of mouth.

There are a number of ways in which you can help in this important work.

Become a Contributor to the Survey of English Tradition

The collection and contribution of material can take a wide variety of forms. These include:

  • Completing collecting slips on which an item of tradition is written, together with relevant background information.

Click HERE for an example of a completed collecting slip
and HERE for one you can fill in yourself or ask others to fill in.

We suggest you make copies of the Word document, and e-mail them to the Centre (see Contact Us).

  • Answering and/or asking others to answer questionnaires on specific topics prepared by the Centre (LINKS to questionnaires)
  • Longer contributions in the form of lists, descriptions, articles, essays, stories, traditional play texts, songs, etc. These should include as much background information as possible, e.g. names and addresses of contributors, source of information, etc.

Click HERE for a longer collecting slip. Again these can be copied and e-mailed to the Centre (see Contact Us).

  • Tape-recordings, videotapes, CDs, DVDs, and films; recordings by contributors either of their own usage or by interviewing others.
  • Photographs, slides, drawings, other illustrations.
  • Books, journals, magazines, other printed and manuscript items.

Become a Correspondent or Local Representative for the Survey of English Tradition

Correspondents and Local Representatives publicise the work of the Survey and the Centre in their own community and/or encourage others to contribute material. They may do this on an individual basis (Correspondent) or by arranging local meetings to act as a focus for discussion and collection (Local Representative).

Contributors, Correspondents, and Local Representatives may contribute material, whether on a regular or occasional basis, drawing primarily on their knowledge and experience and/or that of their family, friends, and neighbours.If you would like to help us by becoming a Contributor, Correspondent and/or Local Representative for the Survey, please complete and submit the registration form.

On receipt of the completed form your name will be added to the list of Survey Team members, and a pack of collecting slips, questionnaires, etc., will be sent to you on request. Once registered, you will also be able to download blank copies of these. Survey Team members will also have access to the Centre's publication trad.

The challenge we face in the Survey today is to gather as much information as possible on the changes in our language and traditions which are taking place all around us. To meet this challenge it is essential that we continue to expand the team of Contributors, Correspondents and Representatives who can help us to achieve the Survey’s aims.

CLICK HERE to register as a Contributor,
Correspondent or Local Representative

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