The Centre publishes an occasional ejournal, Tradition Today, which welcomes scholarly papers on all aspects of English language and tradition as its primary focus. Also welcome are papers on the language and traditions of other cultures, both in the British Isles and internationally. The journal foregrounds the importance of oral tradition in the transmission of culture, and encourages contributions which break new ground and reveal developing trends in theoretical approaches and practical applications of current research on the full spectrum of language and tradition within and across cultures. This interdisciplinary publication also includes articles from the fields of anthropology, psychology, history (especially social and oral history), and literary studies, among others. Modern approaches to the study of cultural tradition are emphasised, and the recognition of the importance of urban tradition is central to the aims of the Centre and the journal. Tradition Today provides a forum for the promotion and encouragement of original research, both within the British Isles and internationally. The work of younger scholars is therefore especially welcome. A Notes and Queries section provides an opportunity for researchers to record their findings in brief, or to seek information from others.

The journal acts as a focus for the redevelopment of the study of cultural tradition in England specifically, where the discipline has not enjoyed the status and support accorded to it in most other cultures. In particular, the Centre and its journal emphasise the importance of language, especially spoken language, in the transmission, interpretation, and social impact of tradition.

The Centre also publishes a newsletter, trad., which is distributed free (and available online) to members of the Survey Team of Contributors, Correspondents and Local Representatives, to affiliated institutions, and to organisations and individuals supporting our work. It provides information on the Survey and on the Centre’s other activities, and acts as a link between the volunteers throughout the British Isles and beyond. It provides an opportunity for them to report on their work, and share their fieldwork and experiences with others. The newsletter offers updates on ongoing projects at the Centre and in various regional and local groups engaged in the study of language and tradition, and includes brief notes, comments, and letters on progress in collecting, interpreting, and contributing material to the Centre’s archives. The newsletter also publicises events, courses and projects in the relevant subject areas, and welcomes enquiries from all those interested in the work of the Survey and the Centre.

From time to time the Centre offers a limited number of books and other publications for sale. Click here (LINK) for the latest list and details of how to order.

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